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Only 1 WEEK left til our 40th Reunion!

Go to our reunion page to see the details.
Event Ticket Options now available.

Check out our weekly count down updates below...

Y'all are gonna miss it if you don't get the lead out!
Plan to attend at least ONE of our 40th Reunion events!
SIGN UP for at least one of our EXTRA-CURRICULAR activities!
You do not have to attend the reunion to enjoy these extra activities.
Email Angie with a any questions.

Saturday Event doors open at 6:00. Dance only begins at 8:30.

Counting Down with Weekly Updates:

Week 1 Update:

Our ticket deadline has passed & we only have a limited number of meal tickets available for Friday & Saturday night. If you want to eat with us, email Angie now! This does not apply to using the menu at Aceituna's on Friday night, or the Dance only portion on Saturday night.

No more secrets for you, but there's still plenty to talk about. As in all the
EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES that you can enjoy. Please, SIGN UP NOW and take advantage of them! Golf, Basketball, Painting with Wine (I like the way that sounds) & the IHS Tour. These great folks have worked really hard to provide you with quality activities, so please show your appreciation by participating! Thank you!!


NEW ** Early Bird Supper on Thursday, August 28th
For early arrivals & everybody in town who wants to come.
, located at 664 Sunland Park Dr, El Paso, TX
Arrival time is 6:30 to 7:00. Please be there by 7:00 so we can start turning in our orders. This is a "pay as you go" night out. As always, Angie needs a headcount so we can reserve enough space, contact Angie today!

IHS Tour on Friday, August 29th at 1:30 PM
Debbie is still adding names to the list, so get signed up today!
Contact Debbie
& get on her list!

Golf Tournament on Saturday, August 30th at 7:00 AM
Limited number of openings still available. Sign up thru Saturday morning of tournament. Rental clubs available. Don't play? Come out & watch!
email Bob Niland for info & let him know you want to play.
Contact Bob today!

Basketball Shootout on Saturday, August 30th at 9:00 AM
Sign up thru Saturday morning. Please email Bob Stone for more info & let him know you are interested in playing. Contact Bob today!

Painting & Wine Tasting on Saturday, August 30th at 12:00 Noon
A minimum of 10 participants are needed & a head count is required by August 25th. Fee of $45 can be paid at the door. Please let Marie know you want to attend prior to the 25th. Contact Marie today!

Cattleman's Steak House on Sunday, August 31st

Time to be determined soon. Most likely supper. This is a "pay as you go" night out. Please let me know if you will be available to eat with us. Contact Angie today!

Farewell Breakfast on Monday, September 1st
Looking for a location near the airport. Any suggestions??This is a "pay as you go" meal. Contact Angie today!

Week 2 Update:

I don't have anything else I'm allowed to share, y'all will just have to show up to find out what other surprises we have in store for you...

New Activity!!
Cattleman's Steak House on Sunday, August 31st. Time to be determined. Got a time preference? Email Angie.

Cancelled Activity
: Chihuhua Ball Game - low/late response & the game sold out.
Please dont let this happen to another of our planned activities! Sign Up NOW!
Check them out on our Reunion Page or see the recap on the Ticket Options page.

Food/Beverage Ticket deadline has passed.
Through the 20th we will have a limited number of meal tickets available, but the cost will include a late fee. Please don't make us charge you a late fee!

Week 3 Update:

When we weren't in the mountains or canyons, we were roaming the streets of Juarez. We frequented places (euphemism for bars) like Old Spanish Town, El Submarino (The Sub), The Brown Derby, Los Mongos, The Kentucky Club, Cavers of Music, and always the last, but never the least, Fred's - with its wonderful Fred's sandwiches, eager photographers & romantic roses for sale. As safe as we felt back then, it's not that way anymore so there won't be any walking tours, or bus tours either, scheduled this time around. While lamenting my one & only encounter with tequila, it was pointed out to me that almost everybody had a Juarez tequila experience at one time or another. In recognition of that poor judgement, we're going to salute those Juarez experiences in a classy, grown up way. Just another Saturday night enjoying  Bonus #2: the Margarita Fountain is free until the pump runs dry. For those of us who don't drink because of Juarez, or never did, we're offering Bonus #3: Free soft drinks of the Pepsi product persuasion.

You can still sign up for Extra Curricular Activities. Check them out on our Reunion Page or see the recap on the Ticket Options page.

Week 4 Update:

We spent a lot of time roaming around Tom Mayes Park & McKelligan Canyon, among other places, back in the day, or night as it were. We were pretty lucky back then - no cops, no broken bones or snake bites that I remember - but plenty of beautiful mountain scenery & views, with the obligatory, or maybe required, cans of beer, bottles of wine and that prized keg of beer - not always cold. After all these years, it seemed safer to forgo the actual locations, felt a little too much like pushing fate, but try to recreate the activity without the worry of being arrested, broke or bit, as if any of us need that hassle at our age. So it will be just another Saturday night, enjoying a cold keg of beer with a wonderful mountain view, in air conditioned comfort. Bonus #1: the beer is free until the keg runs dry... *LOL*

Week 5 Update:

I realize that we ate & drank a lot back in the day, but who knew food would be such a popular subject? I like good food & obviously everyone else does too, especially the excellent Mexican that we can't get anywhere else. So, to make this short & sweet, Saturday night includes a traditional Mexican buffet: red & green cheese enchiladas, beef tacos, fajitas (beef & chicken), beans, rice, sopapillas, chips & salsa. There will be a cash bar, but we'll be discussing that later in Week 4.

Week 6 Update:

Friday is BBQ night. Sorry folks, this ain't Buck's so there won't be any ribs, but we are going to feed you: Brisket, Chicken, Beans, Tater Salad & Rolls. On the plus side, you're old enough to drink beer, legally...

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